Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday 10/6/11 Shuffle Home

This is a few notes about the tunes my shuffle is throwing out on my journey home from work Friday 10th June 10p.m onwards.

Paul Weller - Why Walk When You Can Run
Steady opener from the Modfather, gentle but with urgency at it's core, taken from As Is Now L.P.
Counting Crows - Hanging Tree
A step up in tempo from those country dudes from somewhere in America, I like this one as it reminds me of something off Recovering The Satellites, their second album, this one taken from most recent effort Saturday Nights, Sunday Morning.
Style Council - Speak Like A Child
More Weller, I can never hear too much, I think this was the first release from the Council, obviously a departure from early to middle Jam and an indicator of the lesser use of electric guitar in his songs, all horns and keyboard with a shuffling drum keeping it bobbing along, I'm listening to it off the Greatest Hits.
Arctic Monkeys - The Bakery
A B-side from the Fluorescent Adolescent single, an early sign of what was to come from Humbug, more sombre tuneage.
Eric Clapton - Someone Like You
Country strumalong from Slowhand.
Nice but probably better suited to a morning tidy shuffle really!
Oasis - Acquiesce
Back up to speed here, one of those early Oasis B - Sides that could easily have slotted into What's The Story's tracklisting, taken from Some Might Say, the Japanes import including Noel singing You've Got To Hide Your Love Away.
Rolling Stones - Shattered
I used to skip this track on Forty Licks until I saw them perform it live in the Scorcese movie Shine A Light, back when they still had half a finger on the pulse of music.

There now follows a brief interlude while I pop to the 24 hour ASDA for a pizza.
I went for Spicy Chicken Fajita flavour.

The Vines - Autumn Shade
Remember this lot, they were highly tipped in the music media to be quite large. Saw them live with @Johnny_Rudge while he was a baby, showed him how to lift bollards out of pavements after one too many Jeffreys.
Cream - I Feel Free
More Clapton. I think I first recognised this on some t.v advert, was it Dairy Milk or something? Less frenetic than some of their other stuff, obvious single material.
Eric Clapton - Let It Grow
!! Lovely hippy sentiment with a full Woodstock vibe.
Paul Weller - Bull Rush
From the ModFathers solo debut, opening track I think, nice bit of jazz flute in there, I like the live version that morphs into Magic Bus.
Ryan Adams - Oh My God, Whatever
A little more country balladeering, about getting on with lifes everydayness. I always think this fella as a bit of a guilty pleasure along with Clapton.
Beady Eye - Bring The Light
Onto the final leg of the journey and Liam Gallagher's new effort jangles along with jabbing keyboards and female backing vocals, off Different Gear, Still Speeding, great album title.
Stereophonics - Last of the Big Time Drinkers
The final walk to the door and I wish I could tell you I started hammering vodkas back, but I didn't, I put my pizza in the oven and made a pint of squash!

Saturday, 4 June 2011

An Intro Pt.2

The first part of this blog's introduction told you of the last song to have an emotional impact on me, in this follow up, another song that left a lasting impression on me.


November 1994, 6 or 7 months before BIG school finished, I was living with my Mother, stepfather and Brother Bob in a council owned semi detached in the lovely borough of Tipton, West Midlands, U.K.(The lovely part was sarcasm, shithole more apt.)
After a short spell at a local high school (Alexandra, too good a name for a school round there,) I'd requested a transfer back to the school I'd been going to, prior to moving away, which meant the use of public transport as both parents worked full time.
2 buses there and 2 buses back, monthly travel passes, led to a certain amount of freedom and independence, which I'm still accustomed to, to this day.
Anyone who uses public transport, of any kind, knows the invention of the walkman, was genius. To be forced to listen to some of the waffle on offer aboard such transportation can, at times, be tortuous, especially since the intervention of speakerphones! Anyway, back then, rather cheesily, recording music off the radio was still quite an option for music piracy, for me anyways.
And yes, Sunday night Radio 1's Top 40 countdown was essential listening for that very reason.
Now I don't want to sound offensive when I use the next phrase, but Sunday night, when you're still young and at school is bath night!
I only go this far into my hygiene detail because the very first time I heard aforementioned song was while I was in my Sunday night school bath and after hearing it debut at number 2, absolutely knew, guitar music was for me!
To me, this was the Stone Roses debut, at this point, I hadn't heard Fools Gold, I am the Ressurection, so all of a sudden this rebirth of Led Zeppelin was brand new.
Within weeks of hearing this I'd stolen enough money from various sources to purchase my first cd player and copies of Ten by Pearl Jam, The Yardbirds Greatest Hits and The Second Coming.
Then we moved back towards where we'd left and things took a more hallucinatory turn for a while prior to me boarding Definitely Maybe and Leisure, but even to this day, Fook Me It Rocks!!