Thursday, 24 February 2011

MTM an Intro

More Than Music....It's a feeling.
This blog is intended as a platform for music lovers to introduce other people to music they may never have heard or to review new or old releases or post a tracklist and tell everyone the importance of the songs included, literally anything musical goes and hopefully we can get a few people contributing.
As this is just an opening shot at this blogspot I'll chuck a recollection of one of the songs that stands out as memorable for the first time I heard it.

The Verve "The Drugs Don't Work"

After High School, I flirted briefly with A levels, consisting of Psychology, Sociology and English Lit, at the same time I was working part time at SuperDrug, stacking shelves on the tills and general Saturday kid duties. Like everybody of that age, I think, I was experimenting with how much I could drink, take and smoke before passing out, so soon enough, I was doing more hours on West Brom High Street, than at the college campus just to fund growing habits. Whilst working at SuperDrug I met a girl who I ended up living with for a couple of years, I quit college and SuperDrug, found full time work whilst she finished her A levels.

After she got her results, she decided to take a job as a lab assistant rather than carry on to University which displeased her parents. 12 months further in and she's changed her mind and enrols at the University of Manchester, leaving with promises of fortnightly trips back to visit. Not currently earning enough to make ends meet on my own, I moved back in with the folks, who themselves were on an un-repairable drift away from each other. Anybody who has left home and had to move back will tell you, it's horrid, all that freedom lost! My drinking and what not escalated causing ructions to the point I thought it best I found somewhere on my own.

By now I was working in a record shop in West Bromwich and found a cheap flat above the sports shop next door.
Around this time a couple of things hit me.

Princess Diana died and although I was not part of the national outpouring of emotion, it was one of those things that initially you don't believe can happen to someone of their worldwide stature.

Also Ms.Geology Degree decided to put me out my misery.
I'd been ignoring the fact she was back only during half terms and other breaks, I even kept the flame alive while she spent a summer break in South America rather than with me in my filthy flat!
It hurt but I carried on regardless safe in the knowledge I could afford lager and blow.
Over that period I also cut myself off from my family and any remaining friends from school.
I was drunk, drugged and lonely.
And then Steve Lamaq's exclusive play of the Verve's second single off Urban Hymns came on Radio 1's Evening Session.
And that is the only time I've ever cried at a song.

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